Thursday, December 15, 2005

It's funny...I've only been skiing twice, but I feel like I've been skiing all my life. And it's only been 5 days since the last time I went, but it feels like a month. I can't wait to get out again.

The good news is...tomorrow's the day.

[Bursting forth in song]

Tooooomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya, Tomorrow,
You're only a daaaaaaay, uhhhhhhh-waaaaaaaaay!!

[Back to normal narration voice]

Here's the deal. Normally, skiing on a Friday would be a double whammy to the checkbook. One hit for the lift ticket, and one hit for missing pay. But don't you worry, I've got them both covered. My work has this little thing called "Personal Floating Holiday." You get one extra day off with pay, on top of your normal vaction time. If you don't use it by the end of the year (read: 2 weeks from now) it goes away...for good. I can't let that happen.

"What about the lift ticket?", you ask. This is where I introduce my new friend - CANNED FOOD DRIVE! Yup, friday at SkiBowl, donating 4 cans of food get's you an all day lift ticket. A day of skiing...totally free. I bring a few sandwiches and granola bars...and I'm all set. I can't wait. Our plan is to hit the slopes early and get some good first runs in before the crowd hits.

Bring on the parrallel turns, BABY!


Thursday, December 08, 2005

I always avoid playing sports video games. The reason was reinforced last night. Jim and I rented NBA 2k6 to play while the girls were at choir. Neither of us had played the game before, and Jim was even on an unfamiliar gaming system.

It didn't matter. Within minutes, he had mastered the moves and I was left passing the ball to the bench and missing layups. He beat me soundly.

I hate Richard Hamilton and his sadistic puppeteer.


Friday, December 02, 2005

Something I wanted to write about earlier this week, but didn't have time...

Last weekend, Becky and I went to the coast (thank you Tompkins) and spent some time relaxing. A few notable events transpired:

1) We watched the entire 2nd season of Scrubs in two days.
2) We bought an entire turkey for the two of us even though we had just had 2 turkey dinners the day before.
3) I took a soothing bath and could almost fit my entire body under the water.
4) Lily got to run around on the beach entire-ly unleashed.

The forth event is the one I wish to discuss. I've always been a little sad that Beagles are so inquisitive. I spend so much time outside, and I hate having to keep her tied up. But it has been said that once their nose turns, their ears turn off. It's a little risky to let a beagle rome without a leash, due to their inherent desire to follow a scent. However, the last time we were in Florence (for the Cape Mountain Trail Run...woop, woop!), Maddie (the Marr's golden retreiver) and Sunny (the Thompson's beagle) got to run around on the beach, and I was literally sad that my dog was not there to run around as well. Ever since that day, I had evisioned bringing my beagle back to the dunes and letting her run free.

I'm pleased to say, the weather was perfect and my dog behaved like an angel. Over and again, she ran to the edge a dune and looked back to make sure we were coming in the same direction before she went down the other side. If we were headed in another direction, she came sprinting back to us. We played for a couple hours each day, and it was heartwarming.


Thursday, December 01, 2005

So I was reading my previous posts...yes, I am vain...and I came across this one:

Then I noticed something that made me sick. You see, I was totally stoked that the LOST cast was going to get a new plot-central girl character (because I was tired...and still am...of Kate's character). During the offseason--let me explain: LOST watching is now a sport...seriously, you can win medals and stuff--the entertainment biz was toting the fact that Michelle Rodriquez was going to be on the show.

Can you believe I was excited for her to show up?! Uggh! I'm disappointed. In all honesty, I didn't really know who she was (as an actress) but since everyone (all those people who care about TV) was cooing, "Ooooh! Michelle Rodriquez is going to join the LOST cast!" I had to be excited too.

Now, I want her character to die. Is that mean? NO, it's NOT. She's a te-le-vi-jun-cha-ra-cter people! need to get a life.

Unfortunately, I think she's with us for the long haul. Becky and I saw her on the cover of TV guide at Safeway, and both of us commented that she's actually pretty when she is not scowling. Sadly though, her motivation as an actress is "depressing angst" for she rarely smiles. I must say Ana-Lucia is a little conflicted...and emotionally constipated. But don't worry! Jack gave her some tequila at the end of last nights episode...that'll loosen her up.