Monday, June 19, 2006

Yikes...bad weekend in professional golf for the Bunches and the Posenjaks.

Tiger didn't even make the cut!

Then Phil double-bogey's the 18th when a par would win outright.


I don't know which is worse!


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Appendix A to Roy's Best Time of Day blog.

Today, my father, my brother-in-law, my friend and I will be golfing at one of the nicest courses in Northwest Oregon. Two outings ago, I had one of the worst rounds of my recent golf career (not an actual career...just a figure of speech). In stark contrast, my last outing was literally the best round of my life. I would sincerely be satisfied with a compromise. Anywhere inbetween will be fine!

"The more expansive links-style layout features undulating native grass mounds, distinctive shape, judicious bunkering and formidable greens with short grass surrounds."

I love the game of golf. I think on Sunday, I realized one of the reasons I like it so much. Sure, I would enjoy it if I went out by myself - because there are moments of pride when you accomplish a feat that, though completely possible and even plausable, so often seems to elude your grasp. But even in the midst of one of my personal greatest golf days, I got to celebrate the accomplishments of my friends, and that's what I love the most.

Two in particular:

I won't lie - Eric was not playing very well most of the day. But then on the 8th hole, from 90ft away, he pitches (golf pitch, not baseball) the ball toward the green. Two bounces on the dancefloor and an arching roll bury the dimpled sphere in bottom of the cup. Here's my progression of comments: "Nice ball...looking good...curl, curl, curl....IT'S IN THE HOLE...yeaaaaahhahaha!!!!"

Then Jimbo - a fairly standard day for him. He had some nice shots - a few pars, a few bogeys. Then on the 7th hole - a par 3 (take note of that number). Par is defined as follows: "A number assigned to an individual hole and to the full collection of holes on a course that represents the expected number of strokes it should take to play each hole." Jim hits this beautiful soaring tee shot that lands about 15 feet away from the pin. Eric and I were nowhere near...both off the green. After we made our attempts to get close, Jim steps up and drains his birdie putt. 2 strokes folks! You're supposed to take 3...nice bird!

So today, I'm excited because it's a nice course, and it's FREE! But mostly, I'm looking forward to the many mini celebrations I get to have with my friends.