Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I've got a lot of image processing to do in the next week. I did a session with Sarah, Eric, and Ethan (and Makayla) Thompson on Tuesday, I have my first Senior Portrait session tomorrow, and another family session on Saturday! I'm going to be looking at the monitor for a good chunk of time...

I haven't gotten to all of the Thompson's pics, but this was one of my favorites, and I couldn't wait to post it...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hello blog-readers,

I'm in Memphis! Crazy, I know. Just a quick update on my evening on Beale Street last night. It was so much fun. You walk down the street and turn in to whichever place sounds the best to you. They've all got live blues bands playing. My buddy Ed and I stopped in to hear this band, Delta Highway. They were hot! (musically...not physically).

This is me in the alleyway that leads to the Rendezvous rib joint - where we had dinner. it's off the main drag, so you have to know where it is. You walk down the alley and turn into a little doorway that leads you downstairs into the place. Thanks to Eric for the tip...

And I had the best dry ribs ever!

The tables are owned by the servers, so they serve you quick! We ordered our apetizers and literally he brought them out in about 30 seconds. Then for dinner, the ribs were off the grill and on our table in about 1 joke. And they were tasty!
Fun night...

Friday, October 05, 2007

Okay...just so I don't have to post everytime there's a great shot of snow on the mountain webcams, I added the image permanently to my sidebar.


So now, you will all know what the conditions are like on Mt. Hood, just by checking my blog! And if you click the picture, it takes you to the US Forest Service Page with a larger image!

My blog is not nearly as "tricked out" as the Bjournal, but it's a start!


Thursday, October 04, 2007

I know, I know. I gotta stop. But seriously??? Look at this!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

As soon as the first flakes started falling on the mountain last week, my brain started transitioning to skiing you can see from my previous post and my new avitar.

So, in preparation for the quad-burn that is powder skiing and run-after-run down the canyon at the Bowl, I started working out again today. I arrived a few minutes before Jim, so I stairmastered for about 10 minutes before doing a light circuit on the weights. We were both hesitant to really hit it hard, so we stopped early, but felt like we needed to do something more. So Jim said, "lap around the burm?" Why not! So we did a leisurely two mile loop around campus. I was tired by then end...mainly becuase it has been months since the last time I ran...but my motivation was the deep snow...and this:

This is December 16, 2006. For the second season in a row, Jim and I had hiked (cross-country skied this time) into White River Canyon, found a powder covered hill, climbed to the top, and skied down. It's been one of the greatest days each year for me. Jim blogged about it last year and you can see pics of the decent here.

So as I'm struggling through a run, or the last few minutes on the stair climber, this is my motivation.

I can't wait to clip in.


Monday, October 01, 2007