Friday, February 25, 2011

And some more cousin fun. Carson and Syd came by before their Disney trip and we got to spend some time together. We made cookies and played hard. Fun was had by all. I'm so thankful that my kiddos get to grow up with their wonderful cousins. I love them all to pieces!

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Last week Jack got to invite Ethan and Abby to come to our house for a sleep over. He was so excited! We began the night by heading to an indoor play park.

The play place happen to have a reptile show that night so the kids got to touch some interesting animals as a bonus. They did great! They even asked questions by raising their hands. Mike and I were very proud of how well behaved they all were. And we're not sure why there was a bunny at the reptile show, but it was a crowd favorite.

Later we had a picnic dinner and then enjoyed a show. Ah pillow pets...we love ya!

It was a great evening. The girls slept peacefully in Katie's room and the boys in Jack's. One of my favorite quotes of the evening was Ethan. "Jack, that's a lot of questions. It's time for bed now. Love you." So they stayed up a little late, but that's what sleepovers are for. I'd say some good memories were made. Looking forward to more!