Friday, December 19, 2008


You've got to watch (or re-watch) this great video of Wes from March 2007...Wes was 2 years old.

Done? Okay. How funny is that!

Now please note the striking similarities in vocabulary and creativity between Brad's TWO-year-old and my ONE-year-old. Basically, Jack is a genius. A little one track minded...but still.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Work shut down a little early yesterday...and then all the snow and ice melted. Good call!

But before it all went away, we spent a few minutes with Jack out in the white goodness. I pulled him around on the sled for a bit. He didn't seem to sure about it...he was in this position the entire time!

This is my favorite snow pic so far!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm hoping to post some snow pictures far we just have some video of Jack face planting into the snow and crying (not the heart warming footage I was hoping for), but I found this fun series of Jack decorating the tree until then.

His first exciting!

Finding just the right spot to put it

Realizing that you shouldn't give a ceramic ornament to a one year old and the results of taking it away.

Just so we end a little more he is very satisfied with some more child friendly ornaments. Phew!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Since Mommy and Daddy have been a little slow in posting lately...I thought I'd do my own post. Things have been busy getting ready for Christmas and my birthday, but a few weeks ago we went to cut down our Christmas tree. It was a lot of fun.

Here I am ready to go (note Minky in my right hand Grandma JoJo. Mommy let me take him in the car, but I guess a tree farm isn't a great place for a Minky to go). Mommy and Daddy bundled me all up, but turns out it was a sunny day- so we ditched the coat and hat when we got there.

Aunt Sarah thought that if we took a picture at the beginning of the fun- we might be more cooperative for a picture. I like this one the best (it shows how cooperative we were).

Nina and Poppie came too.

Yeah, it was a really cool place. I ran all around, and it was funny to watch mommy and daddy chase me through the trees. Drool? What drool?"

Mommy and daddy were lucky I was there to help them find our tree. I knew right where to go.

Silly Mommy though she could cut down the tree. I was proud of her for trying, but it was pretty funny.

Daddy jumped in and I offered to help, but they weren't excited about me using the saw for some reason. Maybe next year.

After all of the fun, it was time to go home. Don't worry...I've been helping mommy decorate the tree- everyday I rearrange the ornaments for her so it looks its best. I love Christmas!