Wednesday, October 27, 2010

OK I may have a few random posts in between my summer catch up posts. And here is a random one for ya.

Jack is my question guy lately and I love our little talks together. Today we got into a discussion on energy while driving in the car. I think the conversation started with him saying something about Mike being old and I said something about him not being old (because I know I'm young and we're the same age) and that daddy has a lot of energy. That led to what gives us energy and then we talked about healthy foods and what energy lets us do and so on. After that beautiful lesson, here is what my boy took away:

Jack: Carrots give us energy
Me: Yes, that's right.
Jack: Apples give us energy
Me: Yes (Feeling pretty proud that my lesson was productive)
Jack: I want to eat a house and get lots of energy.
Me: What?
Jack: Mama, you had energy coming out of your nose yesterday.

As you can see...the focus got a bit lost, but he was pretty entertained with his comments.

Then we went to an indoor bounce place for a special treat with Mike. Jack introduced himself to a little girl while bouncing by saying "Hi, I have energy!"

And here he is...refueling himself for a whole pile of questions tomorrow and dreaming of new ways to let that energy out. I can't wait!

And something extra for those who might be interested... while at the bounce place walking around in socks, I stepped right into an accident a little girl had apparently had. The socks are no longer with me, but I did take advantage of the large hand sanitizer bottle they had.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Wow! So we have a few things to catch up on. Looks like we left you at Kaitlyn rolling over...oh my, that feels like forever ago. A lot of great things have happened since then, Disney, my cousin's wedding, Sunriver fun, Kaitlyn crawling, Jack just being his funny self. I'm determined to at least touch on all of the above in the next several posts so stick with me. I think I'll start with my cousin's wedding back in August.

I love how weddings gather people. As our extended family keeps growing, it's pretty fun to get everyone together at one event. The kids had a ball and we had a great time too.

Here is my beautiful cousin and her groom.

I love this one of grandpa praying over Seth and Jennifer during the reception.

Dancing the night away. Nina and Jack on the floor. This is one of my new favorite pictures with Jack. The boys showing off their dance spin moves.

And finally... a pic of a good group of guys who got to go golfing the day after the wedding.