Friday, August 28, 2009

Jack and I had a great day watching Mike run his first leg in Hood 2 Coast. Eric came too and was nice enough to drive. I really enjoyed having another adult to chat with as we waited to cheer Mike on. Here are some pictures from our fun day. One quick funny story- I remembered that Mike was wearing a green shirt so we kept our eyes peeled for a green shirt coming our way. We saw one coming and got ready with our sign and camera and sure enough it was another green shirt guy. Then we saw another one headed our direction..surely it was Mike...he was even waving at us, so we waved back, took pics, had Jack posed with the "My Dad Rocks" sign and then realized- not Mike. Feeling a little embarrassed, Eric and I struck up a conversation as the impostor runner went on by. Suddenly we hear a, "Hey guys!?!" -to our surprise- we were totally wrong. It was Mike, and we had completely ignored him- oops. Somehow he had fooled us both with his headband disguise. Thankfully, we were able to explain ourselves later and got to see him at three other stops. It was a lot of fun and I'm so proud of how well he's doing. He has another run late tonight and one more tomorrow. Here are a few pictures from reverse order.

In front of Mike's team van

His "green shirt buddy" who Mike ended up passing. Yes- it does seem obvious that he isn't Mike, but from a distance- you can see how we might be fooled.

a quick high-five

pointing out Mike to Jack

Jack feeling quite proud of his sign
a pic from the car as we drove by

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This past Monday was a great day! Mike and I celebrated 8 years of marriage together with a date night out-thanks mom and dad! We had dinner, went to a movie and watched a beautiful sunset together. It was so much fun and the best part is- we're celebrating more next month with a mini-trip to Portland made possible thanks to some Jack-sitting from the best in-laws ever! So we are certainly thankful, and as we reflected on our eight years together at dinner, we couldn't help but smile at how God has blessed us beyond what we ever imagined when we said I do. Now- I'm not just talking in each other...although we are pretty awesome :)...I mean at how He's provided for us with jobs, places to live, friends, family, a church we love....and the best part- our two amazing kids. Sure- I know we haven't officially met the girl coming, but we have a pretty good idea we won't be able to get enough of her. So as I wrap up this babbling I just have to say that if you're reading this, you are on the list of blessings we've been given so thank you and know that we love ya!

Now one of my favorite moments from this past week. Jack has been going nuts for guitars lately. Every time Mike gets his out, he want to play like Dada. So the other day, we busted out Mike's doesn't get busted out very often people, but Jack was thrilled. Here is some video and a picture of his first lesson.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

We had a great trip to the coast last week with the Jagger fam. Nina, Poppie, Eric, Sarah, Ethan, Abby, Mike, Becky, Jack, and baby sister spend the week lounging in warm (for the beach) temperatures and escaping the nasty heat of the Valley. Woot! great timing. We played on the beach, played golf (just me and Eric), watched movies, ate great food, canoe'd (do you like the rhyme?), shopped (mostly the girls), met up with my sis and her kids, ran from the waves, splashed in the waves, roasted hot-dogs and smores, talked, laughed and had a great relaxing trip.
On the way, Jack discovered Becky's sunglasses and wanted to rock them every chance he got. This is his "yeah, I know I'm cool" face.

Jack loved all the time he got with Nina and Poppie.

We spent several hours canoeing up the creek on the north end of the Siletz (by Moe's) with Eric and Ethan. The boys did great!


Once we got back into the bay we were approached by some sea lions in the water. It was pretty neat to see them swimming about 20 feet from the boat.

Jack was obviously happy to be outside, just like his daddy. He loved playing in the sand and the wabbie (water).

It is virtually impossible to get two toddlers and a 3 year old to sit still and smile at the camera...but that doesn't stop us from trying. Even though nobody's looking at the lens, this is still a good pic of the three cousins!

A sweet little baby girl strolling down the beach!

Jack looks really old in this picture to me! I'm loving his curls even more lately. They're going nuts!

Of course, we have to put in the walking down the beach family shot. We've got such a happy little boy!

Jack, rocking the sunglasses again!

The house we stayed at fits us just perfectly. Jack even got his own "room".

Story time!

Two burrito cousins...

Jack and Abby got to ride in the canoe together too...I think Abby had more fun that her face is showing. this was a serious picture.

The beach was just awesome, and we couldn't have timed it any better!
Today the girls went blueberry picking with Poppie and Nina and the kids. According to Becky, Jack ate about 3 pounds of berries while he was filling up his bucket. I'm glad that diaper happend BEFORE I got home from work!

Ethan is showing Jack that all the good berries are just at the tip of your reach!

Way to pay attention, Jack!

Cutest berry-picker I've ever seen!

Cooling off after a hard day in the fields! I'll give you 1 guess who brought the matching alligator water bottles.