Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jack had a great day today enjoying the company of little Bella. What a cutie! Here are a few pics from the fun.

Having fun playing together

I asked Jack if he wanted to give Bella a kiss and here is the lean in....

and the gentlemanly kiss on the cheek. Not the best angle, but you get the idea. :)
And now all I hear is Bella, Bella, Bella. Jack loves to say her name. He just woke up from his nap and as I went in to get him- guess what he said in his sleepy state?? You got it-"Bella!"
Can't wait for the next visit.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I guess we don't take any pictures in our backyard. If you have seen us at our most vulnerable, you know why. I've basically been ignoring it for the last 3 years. Sure, when the weeds get to waist level (I'm not kidding) I spend a few hours hacking them down, but I've always delayed my plans for landscaping. Something else has always taken priority, and the backyard stayed a jungle! A couple of weeks ago, I finally got inspired, and Jim volunteered to help me get the project going. We spent most of the day digging, leveling and troubleshooting ways to mitigate the water that pours onto our property when the neighbor's drain clogs.

I had plans to continue the project today, and my dad said he would love to come help me, and boy, we got a lot done. It sure helped to have his truck and his recent experince putting in some terracing and pathways in his own yard. The extra shovel and rake didn't hurt either. After about 8 hours, this is the current look in my backyard. Much improved, and I'd be proud to show any of you the backyard next time you're over, intead of closing the curtains and hoping you don't look outside!

Of course, I never remember to take true "before" pictures, so here are a few "in process" pictures:

We finished the terracing, and I'm going to put some barkdust and plants up in the box.

Probably some colorful plants (maybe a Hydrangea for my mom to harvest) here in the back corner.

The whole yard used to slope toward the house (which complicated things when the neighbor's lake got too full). So we graded away from the house, so for now at least the water will settle six feet away instead of up against the foundation. Then the gravel makes a nice level look when you enter the backyard.

Jack decided to help me clean up. Thanks buddy!

Since I don't get around to posting often, here's another picture of my Baby (and my baby) from our anniversary weekend to downtown Portland last weekend. Normally she doesn't let me post pictures of her belly (without a shirt over it), but I told her how beautiful she was and bartered with the picture of me you see below. I'm not proud, but it was worth it to show off my gorgeous pregnant wife!!

Tada! This is what happens when Becky gets behind the camera.
One more of my Jack for kicks. This is day one people! Can't believe how quickly it has gone.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Okay, I've been a slacker about posting pictures of pregnancy #2. This doesn't make up for it, but...what a hot momma!!

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Jack got a fun surprise before his nap today. I captured some of it on video, but missed his initial, "bike,Bike, BIKE!" I didn't know it, but the Jagger/Thompson/Mamanina clan has been searching for a while for the perfect bike for Jack. It was so neat too because I was just saying yesterday how I couldn't wait to get one for him. He loves it, and as you can see from the video...always wants to make sure he has a helmet on with it. Safety first! (I couldn't find his fast enough so my helmet had to do for today). The best part- it fold up for easy storage and a certainly little girl I know will love using it someday too.

One happy biker!