Thursday, May 25, 2006

Last night's episode of LOST wrapped up an interesting season 2. And when I say "interesting," I mean it in more of "are you kidding me" way than an actual interest capturing way. Sure, it had its moments, but in general, the lack of plot development and the focus on non-revelaing backstories almost drove me crazy.

However...I was thouroughly satisfied with the last few episodes, and as intended by ABC, I'm extremely interested in what's going to happen next season. Eric and I had a discussion a few weeks ago about television - specifically "appointment television." It's sad, I know, but there are a few shows that I actually think about during the week and I look forward to those days because I know I get to watch it that night. Anywho...

Mike's take:

Jack/Kate - will totally get together, but they (previews) said there would be some development last night. NOT!
Sawyer - liking him more (as long as he doesn't try to come up with any more nicknames.)
NotHenry - totally knew he would be the leader of the Others.
Locke/Echo - are they dead?? Who knows. I have a feeling they are not, but it would be admirably gutsy of the show to kill them off.
Charlie/Claire - glad they got together - now hopefully Charlie will stop whining all the time.
Desmond - goodbye.
Libby - I have a feeling we'll see her more in flashbacks.
Michael - I think he'll have second thoughts and come back to help. He needs to redeem himself.
OTHERS - No big surprise that they weren't hillbilies. Still wonder if they are Dharmas or Dharmees.
Penny - woh!! Contact with the outside world. So the good news is, this is not Purgatory, or another dimension - they are actually on an island (in the actual world). That's a totally new develpment that will no doubt cause much more confusion and less plot development next season. Whoopee!!


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

As previously noted, I am golfing today.

Also worthy of mention, the blue sky of the last few weeks has been usurped by armies of clouds - and not the big white fluffy kind. These gray clouds have instated a tyranny of gloom and rain. Yes, it's coming down hard today. I will not, however, succumb to their forces. They are powerless to deter me from the golf course.

I guess this can be a continuation of the my "thankful" list. I'm thankful for gear. All kinds of gear that I've accumulated over the years which allows me enjoy myself outside even when the conditions are not favorable. Today I will be implementing the umbrella, storm fit jacket and pants, watershield shoes and a gore-tex hat. With these items in place, I can play an entire round with dry hands, head, and club-grips even though the skies may attempt to drown me.

Bring on the rain. (which reminds me of one of my favorite country songs: Jo Dee Mesina's (with Tim McGraw) Bring on the Rain)


Monday, May 22, 2006

I have nothing insightful or witty to say today. So I'll just post some things I'm thankful for:

-We're going to the Posenjak's this weekend
-My wife makes me laugh
-My wife is hot
-I'm golfing tomorrow and Friday
-I ran 3.5 miles today with no knee pain
-I have two awesome nephews (and another on the way)
-Jim got a job at Nike
-I've got a job
-I get to play and sing worship music all the time
-We got to barbeque at Eric's on Saturday in the sun
-I've finally mastered my "swing plane" ('mastered' is used loosely)
-Lost's season finale is on Wednesday
-I'm going to Alaska with my Dad in August
-Memorial Day (no work...and "memories" of course)
-I don't have anything planned tonight
-I have awesome friends


Thursday, May 18, 2006

2 reasons to post today:

1) Eric called me out on my lack of blogging (with some extremely intriguing - if not necessarily factual - statistical analysis).

2) To spite him, I bought a can of Coca Cola Zero. He said he wanted to try I beat him to it! HAH! (Unless he's already tried it...then my gauntlet throwing was in vain).