Friday, May 21, 2010

So much to catch up on. I'm not sure how time is passing so quickly, but we're trying to enjoy every moment. It's hard to believe Katie is 5 months old and Jack is looking more and more like a little man everyday. Here are a few recent photos.

Our girl on her 5 month birthday

Jack enjoying a delicious smore courtesy of an impulse by his mama, a quick trip to the grocery store, and a lovely fire by his dad. Sure the sun was out and it got a little toasty inside our house, but it was all worth it!
OK...she didn't really have any, but we wanted to include her in the moment.
My boy looking so handsome even with his black eye from his run in with the futon. What a tough guy.

Enjoying every bite!

Speaking of bites (nice transition right) Kaitlyn got her first taste of rice cereal this week, and Jack got to give it to her. She wasn't as sure about that idea.

"Open up sister. It's delicious."


"Are you guys sure about another bite...."

"...cause I'm not so sure."

"This is actually pretty good!"
"Yeah, I like it!"
"Hey, how do I get more of that stuff?"

Pretty soon she was reaching for the spoon and trying to feed herself. Next up...avocado.