Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Baby Boy!!

Posted by Picasa the seasons change, so does my blog!

Lately I've been very excited about running and especially tracking my running progress with my Nike+ sensor that I got for Christmas. I think I finally ignored running long enough for a bothersome knee issue to go away. Now I'm back to just running without thinking about it. Just the way I like it.

Paying homage to my employer and the nifty exercise enhancing technology, I've designed my current blog template in the basic color scheme of the Nike+ website. Hope you like it, I'll be adding a widget to track my runs right on the blog! Aren't you excited? I am!


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Momma!!

We love you!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Today I got to take Ethan for a ride in the new trailer! It was great! We both had fun...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Holy Gear Sale, Batman!

As I've described before, REI Used Gear Sales are a lot of fun for me. You will be convinced after you see how much I'm about to type. The first one was a bit of an unknown...with Eric and my Dad. We didn't know what to expect and proably showed up too late to get anything good. But it was so legen (wait for it) dary that I keep coming back. Then came the fateful "Gear Karma" sale where despite all of the folks cutting in line, Jim helped me score my first pair of ski-boots and bindings...we all know how that one turned out. Becky and I had a chilly but awesome gear sale experience together last winter (not the pregnancy winter, the one before that). She had so much fun, we decided to go again and take Jack!! There were a number of REI gear sales today (3 different stores in the Portland area) so I thought it would be a good chance to get some stuff since the deal-hungry masses a little more dispersed. We had quite a list too! We were looking for a cargobox for the Pjaks, snowshoes for ET's dad, a bike trailer for Jack, and new ski-boots for me (3 seasons in those used ones from the first sale and they are about done!) It started an hour earlier than usual, which meant getting up an hour earlier too! So we rolled out of bed at 5am...bundled up Jack in his little snowsuit, stuck him in the carseat and hit the road. He slept for about 1 1/2 hours once we got there, woke up, ate, spit up, and the just chilled. He like looking at all the people and seeing his first sunrise!

Becky and I planned our attack well. She (and Jack in the Baby Bjorn) would quickly find and stake out any cargo boxes or strollers that looked good, and I would head to the back where the shoes and boots were. We were in the 3rd wave of shoppers and immediately Becky spotted a cargo box (the only one) and claimed it.As she was guarding it, she spied a Burley kid trailer and pointed me to it. I scurried over and checked it out...brand spankin new. It was used in a photo shoot so they were selling it for 1/5 of the price!! so I wheeled it over to Becky and Jack and headed off to the shoe area while Becky got our names put on the stuff.Back up a little...yesterday I took my new skis to the shop to be mounted. While I was there I checked out some ski boots for fun. I new I could not afford new boots, but wanted to at least see what I was missing. So I tried on a few different pairs, and, of course, the most expensive pair felt amazing! I drooled for a little bit and then took them off, contented to pick up another pair of used gear sale boots today.

Forward...I walked into the shoe room and quickly scanned for shiny plastic and colorful buckles. I saw a few pairs of ski boots and hurried toward them (very respectfully to my fellow shoppers). As I neared the boots, I realized one of the pairs was THEM! the ones I tried on at the store. I picked them up, certain they would not be my size. As I spun them around, the beatiful number 29.5 gleamed up at me from the toe box. JUST MY SIZE. I looked at the tag and it said "Used once, didn't fit". They are in perfect condition and once again, just 1/5 of the price from the store yesterday! Woot!

I made my way back to Becky, adrenaline pumping, in total disbelief. On my way, I found the snowshoe area and snagged a great pair of slightly used snowshoes for David. I got back to Becky and analyzed our big items while she and Jack entered the abyss to shop a little more. the cargo box didn't have keys, so the REI employee gave it to me for 20 bucks (way, way, way less than 1/5 of the price). Then I picked up a few replacement keys for $4!

Becky closed out our hunt with some cool Keen shoes that she has been eyeing, and a sweet score on this Nalgene Sippy cup (the blue one)...only $.83! (yes, mom, we will sanitize it before we use it). was a great day! Mostly I just enjoyed the time with my amazing wife and my beautiful baby boy. Jack has now been initiated!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Monday, April 07, 2008

...But the best part of the day [see below] was playing with my son!
I'm posting this first because it is of secondary importance to the post that will come next...but will appear above.

Becky and I have always had bad luck with birthday/Christmas surprises. Once a year or so, one way or another (usually involving Mike's impatience), something goes wrong and usually it ends in a ruined surprise. Apparently this year, we decided to avoid disaster and give each other our gifts early! So the other day when the sun was shining, I gave Becky her new bike...

...and today, Becky gave me a new pair of skis that she, my folks, and my in-laws all got together to get for me. I've been drooling over them for the last few years. Yay!

We've already been on two bike rides (today I ran 5 miles while Becky rode alongside me), and I can't wait to get up to the mountain!