Thursday, April 07, 2011

Kaitlyn got her first official haircut this Tuesday. Nina and Poppie met us for the fun and to allow me to take some pics. I had them just take a little bit off the back to even if out and then we went for the bangs. Here are a few pics of my cutie pie.

Here she is before with a granola bar in her mouth

Post bangs
Big brother cheering her on. He loved sitting in his own ride.

Pigtails for dada and a sucker for a wiggly gal.

A little shy about sharing her new look with the world

Ok..not really. She was playing some peek-a-boo with Nina

One happy girl!


Jo B. said...

Syd and Carson are here and we all loved seeing Katie's new haircut. After I was done reading all of your captions Carson said, "So it's like a story?" I said, "Yes, it's like a story!" We all loved seeing the haircut story and the VERY CUTE hairdo!

Nina said...

Such a beautiful girl!!! What an honor to be there for her first haircut ! I remember Abby sitting in the same chair at the same place for her first haircut. I also remember my baby Becky around the same age getting her bangs cut looking so much like her baby girl. Feeling so blessed!!! Love you ladybug(:

Steph said...

Oh get on outta here. SO ADORABLE!!! What is it about little girls and pigtails AND bangs? She's stinkin' cute. That's all.

butters said...

Oh that baby is so cute and kisseable and darling with them bangs and and piggytails. Oh... I must see her soon! Miss you guys.

Michelle & Luke said...

LOVE IT!!! Those little pig tails are adorable- she looks so big!!!

eets said...

Wow. I need to jump on a plane and kiss those little cheeks! She is so cute!

sarah said...

LOVE that last picture! What a cute little smile! How can you not want to squeeze her all the time =).