Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!
We had a blessed day celebrating the resurrection of our Lord! He is risen!

We had some Eugene family join the celebration. Here are a few pics with Grandpa and the kids.

Some egg hunt fun...
The best part of the day was getting to talk with Jack that night more about what Easter means. We had a set of resurrection eggs that he opened as we shared the Easter story. Having him ask, "But why did he do that" and simply saying because, "He loves us"...well it was a good reminder to us too. What a Savior we have!
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Nina said...

Wow...what a beautiful family picture.Melts my heart!Thank you Becky for your song and the spirit in which you sang it. And the dear pictures of our 93 year old grandpa and his great grandchildren is a treasure to keep for sure. I love that the resurrection eggs were a tool to pass on the reason we celebrate for Jack .The kids faces are a movie in my head today(: A blessed day!!!!!Oh... I did my after Easter sale hunt for next year. I think they know me by now(: Love you all!!!Thinking of ALL our family.

Brazenlilly said...

Love it! You all look fantastic and love that Jack is getting old enough to begin to understand. That family pic is wonderful!

Jo B. said...

So great to see a bit of your Easter day! We love seeing each of you, and knowing that we all celebrate the same Risen Lord! I love that you are sharing Resurrection Eggs with Jack. It was such a great tool with my students at FBCS.