Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jack: Kaitlyn is crying. I think she's ready to wake up.
Me: I don't hear her buddy. I think she's still sleeping. Why do you want her to be awake?
Jack: Because I love her.
Me: (Cue heart melting)

There is nothing better than seeing these two love each other so much. I love watching big brother Jack protect little Kaitlyn. She does everything he does and takes her role of following him around the house very seriously. I was looking at some pictures the other day and these just seem to fit this post. They're from that one snow day we had several months ago. Special thanks to Ethan and Carson for lending us their snowsuits. I think he was trying to find her hand to hold in the first shot.


Nina said...

Such a sweet boy to say such loving words about his Kaitlyn! Melts my heart too(: I remember two little sisters wanting to be together day and night.Such a gift and blessing when these times happen. Love you Becky....such a good mama !!!!

Steph said...

Oh my gracious, those snowsuit pictures are so adorable!

And how could Jack not be protective of his little sister? She is most obviously the cutest, sweetest little thing in town.

Jo B. said...

This is too sweet for words! Hang on to a couple of these photos for the times when Jack and Katie are at each other's throats!

Nina said...

Sweet big brother! Melts my heart too. The way he looks out for his little sister.Remembering two little sisters always wanting to be together day and night. These times are a gift and a blessing!! Love you Mama Becky xoxo Proud of you!!!!!!