Thursday, September 15, 2011

We officially have a kiddo in preschool now. Today was Jack's first day without us there. He was so excited before we left and after I picked him up I could tell the day didn't disappoint. His summary was that he got to play cars, practice standing in line (he added that several kids didn't stay in line, but he and Abby did), go to the gym where he played with bouncy balls and bear feet (I don't know on that one), and have goldfish for a snack. He also remembered his spot for carpet time and found his mailbox A-OK. He told me that daddy even came by for a hug. Mike and I missed each other at drop off, but he found Jack in his class to send him off on his first day. Jack can't wait to head back, and I'm so thankful. I will admit to a few tears in the car on the way there as we prayed for his day. They were really just tears of joy as I thought about what an amazing little boy we have. Thankfulness took me over, but I got it together by the time we got to his room. We also had a cheer leading section in the church office ready to hand out tissues if needed. Love those people! And now onto the pictures:

A few before school

Yeah for school!

Someone else wanted a pic too. She found her backpack and lunch pail herself. She wanted to be just like big brother.

We ran into some cousins we know on the way in. Can you see them literally running to the doors?They were all so excited!

Stopping for another quick shot

Backpack time

Jack quickly went to the cars again

Time for pickup. Guess who still had her backpack on?!

Running to see me at pickup

And then practicing walking to see me

Checking his box

And the preschool gang

A few bonus shots

"You wanna come to preschool?"

I call this "hi"

Pure joy

Back at home

We did it!


Steph said...

Oh my gosh, I love it! Good job, Beck! It's hard to believe he is already old enough to be in preschool, though I feel like we all keep saying that. ;) I love that Miss Kate (<-- yeah!) is all ready to have her turn. Probably tomorrow we'll wake up and she'll be old enough. Yeesh! Love to Jack and cheers for all the year ahead has in store!

Brazenlilly said...

Such great pictures! Thanks so much for posting that. I was thinking about him this morning and hoping they were all doing well! I love how excited Kate was to get in on the action. Before you know it, it WILL be her turn! I just read Steph's comment and realized we said almost the exact same thing. ;) (Great minds...) Congrats for surviving the first big drop-off. Now enjoy your 2 days a week with only one child!

Nina said...

This day is a prayer and dream come true! It's joy all over ! And then Kaitlyn wanting to follow her best friend/brother and be a part of the school routine is just adorable.Great example by Jack for her to follow. The series of pictures left me feeling so thankful and praising God for so much. That last picture is so beautiful. What a treasure. Thank you for your time in posting on such a busy week. Love you all so much!!!!!!

Jo B. said...

Loved every single picture and really got a feel for how excited Jack and Katie were! We were thinking so much about Jack yesterday, and Grandma Mulkey kept asking about how he liked preschool. I'll share your post with her and Grandpa Mulkey. Sounds like you were a brave Momma!